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Curriculum - Maths




At St. Mary’s, we aim to create enthusiastic, inquisitive and knowledgeable mathematicians, fluent in the fundamentals of this subject. We strive to make maths a positive, enjoyable and fun learning experience, and to develop every child’s thinking and communication skills. We want our children to be confident, brave mathematicians who reason mathematically and ask questions. Our maths lessons should be engaging and develop a sense of curiosity in our pupils.



Our intent is delivered through carefully planned lessons that are designed to gradually develop concepts and mathematical skills. Teachers planning makes use of WhiteRose Schemes of Learning, NCETM spines. Number Sense and Power Maths. In EYFS children experience a mixture of whole-class teaching, group inputs as well as maths being carefully woven into the areas of provision.


Throughout school, maths resources are used to scaffold learning where appropriate before introducing pictorial and abstract concepts. Our Maths Lead is taking part in the NCETM Teaching for Mastery programme, working alongside other teachers to ensure Teaching for Mastery is secure across the whole school.


We use the WhiteRose Calculations Policy which outlines the journey through each of the four operations. This is inline with the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach which is part of the Teaching for Mastery principles.


We understand the importance of number fluency and the role it plays in mathematical success. We assess number fluency through our Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) where we assess pupils each term and support those who are not meeting expectations through precision teaching and small group interventions. Web resources such as MyMaths and Times Table Rock Stars are used across the school to help with the practise and assessment of these skills.


Work in maths is either live marked or marked quickly to ensure misconceptions can be addressed before the next lesson. Some children work in small groups to address these misconceptions or are pre-taught a concept to ensure success in whole-class lessons.

Within this context, children are taught in mixed ability classes ensuring there is no limit to their potential in achieving high outcomes whatever their starting point. High expectations and excellent subject knowledge ensure that all children are challenged.



Our children have positive attitudes towards their learning in maths and learn in an inclusive and supportive environment. The school has three assessment cycles in the year which monitor closely what the children have learnt. These assessments allow for misconceptions to be addressed and inform discussions at pupil progress meetings with the Headteacher. These discussions involve identifying key steps for learners and suggesting possible interventions. Future teacher planning is also informed through these discussions. These approaches have ensured our mathematicians achieve well and are consistently above the national average for attainment.




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